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The Charlies Reunite

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In spring of 2002 Charlie and Charlie co-conspired on piano and guitar in a early 20th century chapel with such thick reverb that all notes were beautiful. It was there that we started a life-long creative journey. Friends since high school, they collaborated in many creative endeavors from environmental activism, to culturally naive social commentary, to new wave adult rock.

Our first ambitious performance, despite the sanctity of the space, included pieces by Biz Markie and Manu Chao (culturally naive social commentary). In times we fell flat on our faces (one lead singer literally taking a stage dive / face plant), but in the best of times we shook the walls of that white picket china cat chapel. Original creations never occurred in solitude, but rather fully blossomed with a diversity of outside performers with unique genre bending tastes. Our diverse musical tastes hit a plateau on The Charlies Self Titled Debut Album featuring original folk, electronica, ambient sounds, rock, and psychedelica recorded in a hurried three days at the end of high school. The album release was met with critical acclaim (we burned a few discs for friends), but seemed to mark the end of this famous (subjective) collaboration. Cast of into the storm of college and future opportunity the duo parted ways.

Now with the blossoming of digital collaboration the foundries of this distance are crumbling. Where before it was required to share via postal service, we now have the blog service with which to exchange creative thought bubbles: musical, political and alike. With new instruments with which to rock, and honed (subjectively) voice boxes with which to sing, we have decided to bring this collaboration to a new audience. Like before, it was the outsiders that made the music rich, and so everyone is invited to share in this collaborative process. After years of Hiatus, The Charlies will reunite.

– Charlie


Written by Charlie

March 20, 2009 at 2:12 am

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